Quick Update

One of my favourite parts of being here has been visiting some of the remote villages and meeting the locals. But, one of the downsides to visiting remote villages with no real timeline is that Bob and I can lose contact with the real world for days on end. 

Sorry if I worried anyone. 

I'm beat. But wanted to give a quick update on things as we wind down. More to come.

Talk soon.


Turtle Rock!

I had been meaning to post this for a while now because Bob and I were able to get out and see some of the sights while we've been here. 

This was one of the first places we stopped because it's so close to Ulaanbaatar. And, there were nice roads leading to it too!

Georgie told me I HAD to go to Turtle Rock. Thankfully, we made it early because I'm not sure we would have had time otherwise. Georgie's been following our trip on her Instagram Page so please check her out and give her a follow, she'll love it :)

Here's a quick vid I took to send to Georgie... and a couple photos. Very cool place. 

That's it from me. Bob and I will be out for the weekend but we'll check in when we get back!

Miss you all.


Goats and Gers

You'll have to excuse me if I look a little tired in this video, Bob and I had just gotten back from a bit of an excursion, which I talk about in the vid.

It is crazy to think how time has flown since we arrived but I think it's finally starting to take it's toll as I've been a bit lethargic lately. But, we still have work to do and so on we go. 

Check out the video and leave me a message, I need to hear from you guys! Miss ya like crazy.


Morgan and the Barn Fire

It's hard being away from you all when tragedy strikes. 

Amy told me that the Hudson rodeo community really rallied together to show support for all those that were affected. On behalf of Bob and I, I'd like offer our condolences to Tim and all of the owners and everyone affected by the fire and the loss of life. We're thinking of you.

I recorded a quick message after seeing Georgie's Instagram post yesterday about Morgan. 

An Eventful but Tiring Week

I am so relieved to hear that everyone is OK following your accident. Amy and I talked for hours the other night, each catching each other up on what has been an up and down week. To go from such a high following the successful Gobi bear surgery, to the low of rehashing the accident... it really wears on a guy.

I also wanted to make sure I wish Peter a Happy Birthday! I saw a pic on Georgie's Instagram page this morning. Looks like you had fun. And Peter got a stone?! It's all very cool.

So I taped a quick message for you all. I'm beat. Take care.

Get a Look at our Camp!

After jumping around from camp to camp as we traveled into the gobi desert we've finally found a place that is about as close to our home as we're going to get. Home may not be the right word, but definitely the place we spend the majority of our nights. 

Here's some shots to give you a better idea of what it looks like here at camp.

This was taken the day we arrived. Not a lot going on then. Not really a lot now, but we're hoping to change that soon.

Almost everything we need is in this yurt. You can go back a few posts to see the interior tour I did.

One of our couple pens. This one is typically used for horses when we have them here.

And, I'll sneak in another one of Bob :)

Pretty sure he accidentally snapped this one. 

That's it from me! We're hoping for an exciting weekend so I'll get back to you early next week with more.

Talk soon,


Mongolian Bob and Ty

I have to say I'm really starting to get used to it here. Bob and I really feel like the things we're able to get done can help make a difference. 

In our down time we often go out and explore the terrain.

That sun gets hot! Here's a rare shot of Bob and I. He's starting to get a little better at letting me grab pics!

The jeep can only take us so far. Once you get off the main trail, it's mostly by foot. We have a little motorbike that we sometimes use but usually we're hoofin' it!

This was taken just before we left camp on one of our explorations. I love the blue sky!

That's it from me! Hopefully we'll have some more excitement to report next week!

Talk soon,


Land of Wild Horses

A few weeks back while Bob and I were traveling en route to the Gobi Desert we had the great pleasure of coming across a herd of wild horses. We had to stop and get some photos. 

These first two photos were taken by putting binoculars up to my phone!

Can you believe how good it worked with the binoculars? 


The landscape is stunning. Everywhere we go.

A mural at a small diner we stopped at to eat.

I'm so happy we got the opportunity to see some wild horses in person! I was so excited I sent a picture to Georgie a while back and she put it on her instagram page.

Horses are a huge part of Mongolian culture. We were told that one common saying here is "a Mongol without a horse is like a bird without wings."

That's it for now!


More from Camp

Last week I mentioned our Jeep. It took some getting used to, but I'm starting to like it! 

The steering's a bit loose and it's definitely not the safest thing I've ever driven but it definitely gets us around out here.

This is what one of the better roads looks like! It's mostly just trails otherwise.

I promise you this is not what we do all day!

It's old. But it does the trick. We've got it filled with gear and even rigged up so that we can work on the fly.

Bob says he doesn't want on the blog. But he's always looking over my shoulder while I post. I think he's coming around. Maybe the reserve needs a blog, right Bob?

I'll post some more behind the scenes pics over the next little while.

Love you all,


The Hall of Famer

I can't believe I had to miss it, Jack! I'm just so grateful Amy was able to let us speak, however brief, on the night of your great honour.

Thank you to Georgie for sending me this awesome photo! Will was there?! How cool is that?

Things have been really picking up here in the Gobi. Bob and I have been working like crazy and that's prevented me from updating since the big event. But, there are some things I need to say.

It's been 10 years since I came to Heartland! 10 years, Jack! Amy loves to remind me about when I first got here and you told me, up in the loft, that any part of me that got within 10 feet of your grand daughters would be removed! I believed you haha. Amy and I chuckle about that all the time. 

Now here we are. 10 years later. And, Jack, I'm so happy that I've gotten to know you on a much greater level. Not only did you help guide me and keep my life on the right track, offering your "subtle" advice along the way :) You let me into your family. 

The Foothills Cowboy Hall of Fame was a given. (No matter what Tim might have to say!) 

So now you're an All-Around Cowboy Hall of Famer... but, Jack, you're so much more than that. 

Thank you for everything. I can't wait to hear all about it when I get back!

Talk soon,


Camp en route to Gobi

I showed Amy a tour of our camp on our video chat call last night but I thought some more of you would enjoy a little peek of what we have going on here.

These are just some trails. The roads are a bit better than this!

Not mine or Bob's laundry. 

The camp. These are yurts. There are beds and camp stoves etc inside. 

Grabbed the last pic as the sun was going down and I was trying to get my next video update finished. The big blue sky and a bit of the landscape remind me of home sometimes.

More to come...