Get a Look at our Camp!

After jumping around from camp to camp as we traveled into the gobi desert we've finally found a place that is about as close to our home as we're going to get. Home may not be the right word, but definitely the place we spend the majority of our nights. 

Here's some shots to give you a better idea of what it looks like here at camp.

This was taken the day we arrived. Not a lot going on then. Not really a lot now, but we're hoping to change that soon.

Almost everything we need is in this yurt. You can go back a few posts to see the interior tour I did.

One of our couple pens. This one is typically used for horses when we have them here.

And, I'll sneak in another one of Bob :)

Pretty sure he accidentally snapped this one. 

That's it from me! We're hoping for an exciting weekend so I'll get back to you early next week with more.

Talk soon,